1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

At Computer Doc we don’t believe computers should be complicated and neither should the warranty. Here’s the deal, if it breaks because it was made wrong, or because we put it together wrong, we’ll fix it for the first year, for free! We will come to your home or business and either do the work there or pick up your machine and return it to you repaired for free, it’s just that simple. If it breaks because of misuse, an act of god (lightning, fire, flood, etc) we will gladly repair it for you and keep your repair costs as low as we can, after all we never believe you should spend more than you have to on a good computer! We will gladly send estimates to your insurance company to help you recover any repair costs associated with this kind of damage.

What else don’t we cover?

Well we don’t cover other people’s parts, parts that you purchased from somewhere else or parts you had some one else install. In fact having some one other than Computer Doc Inc service your machine voids our warranty, but it doesn’t void the quality of the machine. Many of our parts are covered by a longer warranty than one year, and if a part goes bad that is covered by a longer warranty we will take care of sending that part back to the manufacturer to get it repaired or replaced, your only cost will be any labor involved and any shipping charges we might incur. These warranties vary from part to part. We don’t keep a list of every part in your computer that exceeds our minimum warranty, but anything that fails in the first year is covered against defects in workmanship and installation regardless of the manufacturer warranty. Software is not covered under this or any other warranty provided by Computer Doc Inc. This means Windows, Word, AOL etc, if you are having software problems we will be more than happy to help you fix them, but there is so much software out there and some pieces of software just don’t play well together, there is just no way we (or anyone) can promise all your software will always behave itself.

Want a longer warranty? For an additional $150.00 at the time of your purchase we will extend our warranty to cover three full years on our computers. This unfortunately only applys to new computers purchased from us, not parts, upgrades or repairs to other peoples computers.