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Service that takes the worry out of owning a computer, for a small monthly fee you don’t have to worry about computer problems, anti virus software, windows updates, even the “Dumb Question” you are afraid to ask.

Want to learn to do something with your computer? Its included!

You don’t even have to get dressed, our support is provided remotely so you can call, e-mail, send a carrier pigeon and we will take care of your problems whenever it is convenient for you (even while you sleep!) The service requires an internet connection, so anything that requires a technician at your home is not covered…..

unless you want that covered too….

Imagine not having to worry about even having a technician come to your home, to reconnect you to the internet, to install that new printer, to help you figure out why your computer just won’t start? With this plan all you have to worry about is the parts for your computer! (plus a $20.00 deductible ) where else are you going to find a plan that gives you a live technician 24 hours a day that will help you over the phone, solve your problems remotely and if necessary come to your house to fix your problems for only $20 bucks! Sometimes hardware can be expensive though…..

Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Did your computer crash? Was it a bad Drive? Did your Mainboard or Ram decide you no longer need them?

CDI Solutions can take the worry out of the biggest of repair bill; With quality replacement parts for when things go really bad!

A $20.00 deductible is all you pay regardless of what the covered problem is!

We will even provide you with a loaner computer if yours has to be taken in for service!

You are even covered for regular hardware upgrades for your computer to keep it competitive with the computers being sold today!

This really means you NEVER have to worry about anything for your computer, you have your own IT department at your call ready to handle your computer needs any time day or night and your computer will never be out of date and obsolete! You can’t get any more trouble free than that, it’s what computers are actually supposed to be! (a $20.00 deductible is required for on site visits)

 The question you want to know the answer to is: HOW MUCH?

Starting at about 50 cents a day it costs less than your soda or coffee fix!

Here’s our pricing, You can have this for less than you spend on soda or fast food each month!





Remote Only




Remote Service




Remote IT


R, OS, H***


Nope we are STILL not done! If you have a computer that cant be upgraded, including laptops , and you have our Everything service, when your computer needs to be replaced we will give you a $350.00 credit for your replacement purchased through CDI Solutions

There is no cancellation fee you can stop at any time, but we can’t imagine why you would want to. Try us out at 810-605-5000 and we will get you set up

A Free 2 week Trial of remote only service is provided with all service performed by CDI Solutions that exceeds $100.00


R: Remote access only up to 4 hours per month per computer covered any issues that can be covered remotely are covered.  On site service is billed at standard rates

OS:  You pay only a $20.00 deductible for labor costs up to 4 times a month per covered computer the only out of pocket expense is your $20.00 deductible, and the cost of any required hardware.

H: All costs  of repairing your computer are covered for the life of the computer as long as you are a member of this plan, you pay nothing for remote service and only a $20.00 deductible for on site service even if we have to replace expensive hardware in your computer, YOU don’t have to worry about it.  (the life of your computer means as long as parts for your particular computer are reasonably available) (*** hardware is covered only after the first six months, before the first six months hardware will be charged to you at our cost)

If you have an upgradable computer, upgrades for your computer are covered as well!  We will schedule upgrades at our discretion every 2 -3 years at a convenient time for you.  You never have to worry about anything for your computer, we got it covered, this is peace of mind about your computer that you can’t buy anywhere else unless you can hire your own IT Staff!  

(****  Hardware is covered only after 6 months has passed, before that you will be charged our cost for any needed hardware , upgrades to your computer are not performed free until after 1 year of continuous service. This service is NOT available for laptops and hand held devices like tablets and smart-phones)

 ** No deductible is ever required for remote access, there is a limit of 4 hours usage per month

  • A $20.00 Deductible to cover fuel and vehicle maintenance costs is required for all on site trips

The fine print……

there is a $100.00 setup fee for each computer that includes a software cleanup, installation of our software, and an inspection of your computer. If your computer is damaged, we may require you to make certain repairs before the contract can start. Continuous service is required, any break in service is considered a cancellation and all timers for hardware and upgrades will reset. If service is down for more than 30 days a setup fee of $100.00 may be required to reinstate your service. Remote access service is limited to 4 hours per month for the remote only package, 6 hours per month for the remote Service Package, 8 hours per month for the remote IT package. All trips to your location will be assessed a $20.00 deductible to cover expenses like fuel and vehicle maintenance.

These packages must be paid monthly and must be paid with an automatic payment through a credit card or debit card.. We do not charge NSF fees, If there are not sufficient funds in your account to pay for the service and your bank or credit card company does not pay the the monthly amount it will be considered a break in service.

Hardware replacement and computer upgrades are done at our discretion, it is our desire to provide quality parts for your computer that will last and be reliable.  We use name brand, industry standard parts for all of our parts and upgrades. Manufacturer names we have worked with for years and trust to provide high quality and low failure rates. If however you wish to make a bigger upgrade than we propose, or want specific brands or types of parts used in your repair or upgrade, you will be charged the difference between the parts cost we would have paid for your upgrade and the parts cost you want to have installed plus all applicable taxes.

what is NOT covered…. (yes there are some things that are not covered)

hardware damage that you cause through negligence or abuse is not covered, so don’t kick, throw, punch, or drool on your computer.

Damage due to Acts of God are not covered (however your homeowners insurance will help cover these and we will help you with that including estimates at no charge) acts of God include, Earth Wind Water and Fire (and lightning) things like earthquakes, tornado’s, house fires ( any fire that starts outside of your computer) or lightning strikes that directly hit your computer or hit a line that connects to your computer causing damage to it.

We do not cover things that we have asked you to remedy such as heat damage from being in a hot location after we have told you to relocate the hardware, or damage by pets after we have warned you to keep pets away from portions of your equipment.

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