Computer Doc, Inc. emphasizes friendly, personal service, educating our customers while servicing and/or repairing their equipment. Active participation by our customers is encouraged and expected, creating a professional, personal relationship between the user, the technician and the computer.

Repair Service 
Funny Noises? 
Illegal Operations? 
Hard Drive Problems? 
Printer Not Working Right? 

(We can fix that!…)

Scared of your computer?
Never owned a computer? 
Think a computer is too expensive? 
Are computers too complicated? 

(Don’t Panic, we can help…)

System Upgrades 
Need more RAM? 
Faster CPU? 


How To Get Connected? 
What To Do When You Get There? 
High Speed Access? 

(No Problem!)

Yes, We Do Tutoring! 
Reasonable Rates! 
Learn What You Need To Know
From Basic To Networking 

(We’ll Teach You)

New Computer In The Works? 
Get What YOU Want 
Not What They Want To Sell. 
Learn What To Look For 
Never Buy Another New Computer Again! 

(Let us show you how…)